A mountain w/ a ghost face

by Wholebridge Sweet

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released November 21, 2014

recorded in 2014
mastered by j.m. stull
artwork by a. rose & clark hathaway

- a. rose



all rights reserved


A. Rose Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Pleasure
So, sun, so?

When breath comes to an end
but you have so much life left
there’s another after that
for you and only you

The hours are late and I am making angels
Track Name: Nervous, Postured Under Blankets
We all know that
I'm a drape that begs to be burned
I'm in solid state
The soft has numbed my hand
We all have families
I'm letting that thought cut through my face
Treading lightly on the wood
Typing loud and booze shredding my throat
Trying to hide its effect and keeping my hands closed
I can't stand to be
so I forfeit me to these clean sheets
Track Name: The Ornament Speaks: "hello"
A word vanquishes the next
Smoothly I follow the mess it made
as it drips down my chest

I travel on marble now, still in circulation
Trust arrives much slower than I
and with a mild pulsation
we row through its streams

and sun won’t touch us
sun won’t touch us anymore

we earn we die
we sing we fly
I smile inside
after I catch an eye

Tear me apart
boost your heart
I'm not watching
but you sure are
Track Name: "Liquid Now"
The popping sound
from the hollowed ground
and the empty case
still prints a ghoulish face

it’s all "liquid now"

Tough times appear and reappear
and fingers run down a back
It’s the same fingers
that rest in my lap

It’s a collection for a long life
It’s a bottle filled with bad things
but also some that lift me up in the moment
and ignore the blisters on my disembodied feet
Track Name: In the Back of the Trunk
When desire fades
a thrown pillow away
and when the heat becomes too much
you can catch me flying out on a fan or something bigger

Vortexes spit me out but love it so
Grey sprays out of my body
Where does it go
Masks cover muscle and cling to raw skin,
you'd think I'd dry up

While being transported
I pull the strands and levers
so I laughed
And now I’m out of laughs

But one thing is for sure:
it's easy to care for a smile when teeth haven’t filled the spaces
and now we are talking about an apparition soaked in skin that was tossed away some years ago
speaking lofty words:

"The sky is my mind now,
My eyes are the clouds.”

glimpses of order in clauses
state I am cause
I am effect
I am the one that searches the old peaks for old eyes
just to get a look from a second pair

I finally get to smile at insincere comparisons
Now praise your own name